Queasy Stomach Causes

There are many queasy stomach causes. Identifying queasy stomach causes is vital to determine the correct treatment that you will need to ease your symptoms.

It’s also important to learn how to control the unpleasant symptoms in the long term.

On rare occasions a queasy stomach may be caused by an underlying serious health issue.

To start this off though we will concentrate on the most common causes of a queasy or upset stomach. Some of these may even surprise you even though they are considered by many to be completely commplace.

alcohol queasy stomach causesCommon Queasy Stomach Causes

  • The consumption of alcohol or even alcohol abuse is one of the main overlooked causes of queasy stomach.
  • Excessive smoking can also have an effect on your stomach making you feel queasy.
  • Lack of exercise is one of the main queasy stomach causes, so ensure that you do some exercise everyday even if it’s just walking a few blocks or in the park.
  • People who fail to follow a regular routine for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner usually complain about having a queasy stomach.
  • Eating late at night can also cause a queasy stomach because it will not digest as quickly as meals eaten earlier.
  • Eating junk foods instead of following a balanced and nutritious diet at regular times will cause a queasy stomach. This is very common in night and shift workers.
  • Excessive intake of heavy fatty foods will slow down digestion and can also lead to a queasy stomach.
  • Not chewing your food properly and eating meals quickly can cause you to feel queasy.
  • Fasting or following restricted diets such as the cabbage diet is a major cause of a queasy stomach. Also, going on an empty stomach for too long is equally bad for you.
  • Considerable emotional distress and anxiety can sometimes lead to a queasy stomach and sickness.
  • During pregnancy most women experience a queasy stomach which is known as morning sickness.
  • Being exposed to unpleasant odors or sights can cause nausea and can make you feel like vomiting.
  • Not establishing a regular sleep pattern can also cause a queasy stomach.

Life-Threatening Queasy Stomach Causes

There are some queasy stomach causes that will need urgent medical treatment.

  • Food poisoning or allergic reactions can result in a queasy stomach, along with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.
  • Inner ear infections, low blood sugar, migraine, meningitis, brain injury, stroke, glaucoma and brain tumors can cause a queasy stomach and dizziness and are all serious conditions that need immediate attention.
  • Other queasy stomach causes include; constipation, stomach ulcers, viral infections, menstruation, kidney or gallbladder complications, pancreatitis, cancer, hepatitis or a blocked intestine.

When you feel queasy, the best thing to do is lie down for a short while. Peppermint can have a calming effect on a queasy stomach so you should drink some herbal peppermint tea. Increasing exercise and daily activity levels along with eating a well-balanced and healthy diet can help to reduce most of the queasy stomach causes. If you are in any doubt about your health then please see your physician as soon as possible, instead of suffering and worrying alone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!