Foods You Should Not Eat On A Queasy Stomach

If you’ve ever had a queasy stomach you will have probably found that it was triggered by eating particular kinds of foods. Whilst we are all different in our tolerance levels and the way that we digest certain foods, there are many common groups of foods that will give us a queasy stomach. In this article we will look at which foods to avoid in order to prevent getting or making a queasy stomach even worse.

Queasy Stomach Symptoms

I don’t have to tell you that you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to identify that queasy stomach feeling. The overwhelming sensation of nausea and even possible vomiting is not pleasant at all. You might also find that certain odors such as perfume and tobacco make the symptoms of a queasy stomach worse, even unbearable. Apart from the nauseous feeling that a queasy stomach causes you may also feel bloated, have indigestion or suffer from heartburn.

Foods to Avoid Eating on a Queasy Stomach

OK, common sense might tell you that it’s obvious to avoid certain foods when you have a queasy stomach but some foods can have more of a negative effect than others.

sweet foods chocolateVery Rich and Sweet Foods

Rich and sweet foods can be especially difficult to avoid especially during the holiday season or when you are feeling low. Cakes, pastries, candy and other desserts will make your queasy stomach worse as they are high in sugars and fat. In addition they offer little nutritional value, so should be eaten very rarely or not at all. As much as you are tempted; it’s a good idea to politely refuse that extra helping of double chocolate gateaux. Especially if you want to avoid feeling sick afterwards and making your queasy stomach worse. You don’t need those extra calories anyway. So avoid the sweets altogether. Not only will your stomach appreciate it but also your waistline as well.

fried chickenFatty and Greasy Foods

Fried, fatty and greasy foods like sausages, pizza and deep fried foods should be avoided. Although quick and convenient to prepare they will exacerbate a queasy stomach because the fat content may cause you to regurgitate into the esophagus leaving you feeling much worse. Many takeaway foods are laden with saturated fats and will make a queasy stomach worse so as tempting as it seems, steer clear of the burger joints and settle for something healthier.

tobasco spicy foodsSpicy Foods

Spicy foods can wreak havoc with a queasy stomach and your digestive system. As well as spicy foods it is best to avoid foods that are heavily seasoned as they may upset your stomach too. This recommendation may be disappointing for lovers of spicy food such as Mexican and Indian dishes, but you won’t be doing yourself any favors and will pay for it as you find that your queasy stomach gets worse.

coke or soft drinks - avoid caffeineCaffeine

Caffeinated drinks should be avoided as once again, they will aggravate a queasy stomach. This is not limited to just tea coffee but also soft carbonated drinks. Cutting these foods out will not be easy at first because of the addiction to the caffeine and sugar. However, after a period of time it will become easier and you will probably find that you also lose some weight because of the reduced amount of sugar in your diet.


Although nuts can be good for us they should be avoided if you have a queasy stomach. This is because they are high in fiber and fat so are very difficult to digest. There is a reason why you see peanuts the day after. It’s not a pleasant thought but neither is a queasy stomach.


Alcohol is a major irritant and causes inflammation of the stomach lining. Cutting out or at least cutting down on your alcohol intake is the one most important steps that you can take to prevent a queasy stomach and improve your health in general. The added benefits include an overall feeling of well-being and reduction of the sometimes fatal impact of liver damage. You will also save a few brain cells in the process.

Other Foods

There are some other foods that will surprise you when I suggest that you avoid eating to ease or prevent a queasy stomach; as they are usually known to be healthy foods. Baked beans, cabbage, onions and cauliflower are well-known culprits of causing bloating and will make your stomach distended. Tomatoes are very high in acid and the seeds can be very irritating to some people. Again, like tomatoes, citrus fruits e.g. lemons, oranges and lime are extremely high in acid content and should therefore also be avoided.

Other Ideas to Quell a Queasy Stomach

There are some additional steps that can be taken to ease a queasy stomach:

Avoid Heavy Meals

It is best to eat small regular meals than gorging yourself on one meal in the evening. Eat slowly and chew each mouthful thoroughly to aid digestion. Don’t plan on anything strenuous immediately after a meal. Make sure that you plan some time to sit down and relax for at least two hours to allow your meal to digest properly.


Ginger is an excellent remedy for a queasy stomach. It reduces inflammation and also promotes circulation. Root ginger works to relax your intestinal tract and will ease your symptoms.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of foods that you should avoid to ease a queasy stomach. The best way to discover which foods trigger your stomach problems is to keep a food diary. Record everything that you eat and include any symptoms that you experience. After a few weeks, you should see a pattern developing. You can then try excluding those foods from your diet and see if the queasy stomach symptoms improve. If you don’t see an improvement then you should visit your doctor.