Why Does A Bloody Mary And Tomato Juice Cure A Hangover And Queasy Stomach?

Many of us have suffered from drinking too much alcohol the night before and waking up next morning with a queasy stomach and a hangover the size of Texas.

Unless you are a medical student or someone in the medical industry and have access to an Medical IV, you’re going to need something to settle your stomach and to help you get rid of your hangover as quickly as possible. you’ll have to ask the people in the medical field about that one. Trust me.

One of the most common sources of getting rid of a hangover over the years has been a Bloody Mary. Many people call this “The hair of the dog” since you actually are biting back what bit you the night before. Many people call it the hair of the dog because they are using alcohol that is in the Bloody Mary itself to fight what the alcohol did the night before.

First of all, I am not advocating the drinking of alcohol anymore. I just wanted to get that straight but I did want to try to help some people that have partaken in the consumption of alcohol and may be suffering from one of the worst headaches they have ever experienced and also to help them alleviate their upset stomach.

tomato juice for a hangover at amazonSo what is it about a Bloody Mary that helps people get over a hangover? I can tell you from my own experience that I believe the magic factor in a Bloody Mary is actually the Tomato Juice or the V8 Juice as many use in making Bloody Mary’s.

I have been hung over before and used just straight tomato juice and it did wonders for my body and helped ease my queasy stomach. It also helped me get over my hangover at a quicker pace. I did not have to have any Bloody Mary Mix, V8 Juice, Spicy V8 Juice, or any other type of ingredients that are usually used in a Bloody Mary to help me get over my hangover.

For me, I narrowed it down to what worked best for me and that was tomato juice. All it took was one of those small little cans of tomato juice and I would be feeling better within 30 to 45 minutes usually.

I cannot say whether this will actually help any of you reading this but you may want to give it a try. I know that there are also many factors to the Bloody Mary Cure that will help you because it has different ingredients in the drink itself. One of those is celery and also can be considered part of the negative calorie diet. Also if you use V8, it has a mixture of all kinds of vegetables in the drink and we know that does a body good.

Whether do you drink a Bloody Mary with which contains alcohol, or a Virgin Bloody Mary which contains no alcohol that is up to you. Also consider just straight tomato juice as I stated before. The reason you may want to drink a Bloody Mary without alcohol is that you may want to give your liver a chance to recover from all the alcohol that you try the night before.

It’s just one of those things you may want to consider because actually what your body is telling you is that it is sick. It got put through more than it was able to handle and it is letting you know in it’s own little way that you treated it badly. That is why you feel so bad. You are literally sick right now and you need to make yourself feel better.

So think of these factors the next time you have a hangover and try to get your queasy stomach. Get some of these nutrients into your body as quickly as possible to help you get on the road to recovery from your hangover and your queasy stomach.

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