Sweets And Chocolate

sweets and chocolateDo you have a queasy stomach from sweets and chocolate? If so, you are not alone. There are thousands just like you that have indulged in the sinful sweets and now their tummy is suffering from it.

During the holidays, people are subject to over indulging with the so called holiday desserts. This is not uncommon. The problem is that many keep on eating rich desserts throughout the year and their stomachs pay the price. Their waistlines grow because of all of the food they have been eating that is full of  sugar. Not only does sweets and chocolate have a lot of sugar but they can also be high in fat.

When you consume foods that are high in fat and sugar combined, this is a recipe for an upset or queasy stomach.

Now we are not dogs but I want you to think about something. A dog cannot digest chocolate like humans can. Just because we can digest chocolate does not mean that we should not recognize there is something in chocolate that we need to pay attention to when it relates to digestion and our overall diet. If there is a food that a dog cannot digest (chocolate), then that should be a red flag to us even if chocolate does not cause us the same side effects.

Slightly Off Topic For a Bit On Chocolate

By the way, I am serious when I say this, keep chocolate away from your dog. Some dogs have died eating chocolate.  This is because they can get Theobromine Poisoning. dogs just cannot metabolize chocolate fast enough.

I have a pet that got into a chocolate cheese cake a couple of years ago. The vet said it was a good thing that we took our dog to them when we did or he would have passed away. The vet told us that many of our dog’s organs had almost completely shut down. It was a traumatic time.

Shortly after, our dog went blind and he turned diabetic. So now he has to get insulin shots twice a day. He’s a trooper though and is still loving as ever.

Types Of Chocolate And Sweets

Maybe the normal sweets and chocolate desserts are not a problem for you. However, sweets can come in many shapes and sizes and if you consume too much of them, your shapes and sizes will grow.

Candy on one had is packed full of sugar. Many of us consumed lots of candy when we were kids and our stomachs had no problem digesting it. It seemed like we could eat anything as a kid and it was very seldom that we felt any type of queasiness from it. I ate so much candy as a kid, I am surprised I have a tooth left in my head. Luckily, I was taught to brush my teeth and how important it was for fighting cavities.

You can get sweets and chocolate through drinks as well. Hot chocolate is one example. Then there is chocolate milk, Nestles Quick, and many more drinks that contain chocolate.

A lot of people like to get their chocolate fix from candy bars. It’s so convenient to grab one of these with a soda for a quick snack when you are at the store or a gas station. Then it becomes a habit. People want to get a quick sugar fix to make them feel better only to have a sugar crash a couple hours later. These are the ones that usually spend quite a lot of money of Red Bull and other Energy Drinks every year.

Premium Chocolate is one of the ways that people get sucked into partaking in sweets. There are tons of ads on television that seduce people into purchasing their chocolate brand or brands. You know the usual commercial. They slowly pour the chocolate in front of you and even show chocolate pouring on top of other chocolate. Then they show the packaging and it looks so great that it makes people want to jump out of their chair and go buy some chocolate. Don’t think it works?

Think again.

Our nation buys so many self indulging products like chocolate, fast food, etc. just from the seductive commercials on T.V. and radio. There is no wonder that the U.S. is one of the most obese nations in the world just from all of the crap we put into our bodies.

Then we wonder why we have an upset or queasy stomach.

Fast Food Documentary Super Size Me By Morgan Spurlock

super size me documentary with morgan spurlockOne of the best sources of information on this is Morgan Spurlock’s documentary called Super Size Me. In this documentary, Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald’s food for a whole month. The effects that this had on body from eating fast food was shocking. He ate at McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner (supper). Every meal for a whole month, Spurlock ate fatty foods that included Big Mac’s, Quarter Pounder With Cheese, Chocolate Shakes and more. You name it, he ate it if it was on the menu.

During this month long eating binge, Morgan Spurlock started to develop recurring stomach problems and his health declined at a noticeable rate. Enough about that for now. I’ll save this for another complete article at another time.

This article is supposed to be about sweets and chocolate but just in case you are interested in the Super Size Me movie, you can purchase a copy of it at Amazon if you want a copy around to watch at anytime or you can watch it for FREE at YouTube in the video below (but there is more to this article so please do not forget to read the rest of the article):

Back On Track About The Sweets And Chocolate

So getting back to the sweets and chocolate discussion and how it can relate to a queasy stomach, just remember these important things.

One is that the nutritional value offered by chocolate cakes, candy and other general sweets is almost zilch. Secondly, you are almost guaranteed to gain weight if you have the average metabolism. This is especially true if you eat sweets and chocolate on a regular basis.

Here is a little fact that most of you probably do not know. Chocolate has a high inflammatory factor. This is especially true for milk chocolate. There are reports that state that dark chocolate is better for you. So keep that in mind.

Fight off these urges and eat something healthy like a piece of fruit or vegetables. I know it does not sound exciting but give it a try. After a while, you will start to learn just how beautiful the natural food is that has not been processed like cakes and other tempting desserts. You will get a better form of sugar and your body will be able to break the food down a lot better.

Tell Your Friends Thanks But No Thanks

Some of you have friends that just always seem to nudge you in the wrong direction. They do not see that they are doing you harm but they are. They don’t see that it’s a big deal that eating a dessert could cause weight gain or cause any stomach problems. Somehow they say things like “you have to live” or “you gotta splurge some time”. The next time you hear one of your friends say this, just stop for a moment and look at them.

Really, look at them. Look at their whole body. Are they in shape? Are they overweight? Don’t get the wrong idea here. I am not calling anyone fat or anything like that. But really, look them over and I would bet you 8 out of 10 times, the people that are saying this to you are overweight. They may not be overweight by much, but chances are, they need to lose a few pounds  or go running and they would be much better off health wise. And guess where they might be getting their extra weight from. Wanna guess?

Could it be sweets and chocolate and other types of candy or desserts filled with sugar and/or fat?

Sometimes you just have to break things down and be real with yourself and even your friends. Don’t let them pull you down. Stay strong and resist these sweets and chocolate sinsations and you will help avoid a queasy stomach.

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